Our full methodological offer

MobiliseYourCity supports strategic, participatory planning and project preparation as key instruments to enable countries and cities build sustainable urban mobility systems, and thereby green cities. We provide decision-makers and mobility practitioners with a comprehensive methodology that highlights both the benefits and purposes of sustainable mobility planning and, most importantly, that guides them through a highly practical and tested planning process that is ready to be used in every context.

Methodologically, MobiliseYourCity elevates key topics that are crucial when transitioning towards a low-carbon, sustainable and resilient urban mobility. We have condensed knowledge about such topics into guidelines, tools, training materials, and case studies. 

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) Toolkit

MobiliseYourCity has been a leading force in disseminating SUMPs worldwide since its inception in 2016. By mobilising the technical expertise and financial strength of its donors and implementing partners, the Partnership is working with local governments to develop SUMPs, bringing tangible improvements and closing the financial gap required to make sustainable urban mobility a reality.

To support our members to developing a SUMP, MobiliseYourCity has prepared resources, including guidelines, methodologies, tools, and training materials in this regard. 

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National Urban Mobility Policies and Investment Programmes (NUMPs) Toolkit

Making use of the broad international experience of the multiple partners gathered under the umbrella of the MobiliseYourCity Partnership, a set of core building blocks and useful elements for a NUMP preparation process were identified and put together in a ‘stereotype’ NUMP development process. 

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Emissions calculator and MRV Toolkit

With the objective of supporting MobiliseYourCity country and city members in estimating greenhouse gas
emissions of urban transport, a tool is available to calculate road and rail transport greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Together with guidelines, manuals, training materials and sample documents, these resources intend to ease the construction of GHG inventories, Business-As-Usual (BAU) and climate scenarios when developing a SUMP or a NUMP. 

The excel-based tool - the MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator - has been positioned as the flagship resource of the Partnership, used in more than 50 cities and countries worldwide. 

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Paratransit Toolkit

MobiliseYourCity developed the Paratransit toolkit to equip practitioners with practical insights and tools to understand paratransit, make an in-depth diagnosis, and reform the sector thanks to a catalogue of 50 practical measures. The toolkit also includes training materials and case studies of paratransit reforms in different contexts. 

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