Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMPs)

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is a strategic plan developed in a participatory and integrated way to meet people's and businesses' mobility needs in cities and to harmonize and integrate existing planning approaches. It sets cities on a sustainable course regarding land use and urban mobility. Because each city is starting with a different baseline of transport plans, the MobiliseYourCity implementing partners and city members work together to adapt the SUMP process for local needs. 

On this page, you can find all the resources that MobiliseYourCity has made available to support the preparation and development of a SUMP. These resources include guidelines, methodologies, tools, training materials, sample documents and case studies.

Guidelines and methodologies

The SUMP guidelines and methodologies constitute the MobiliseYourCity approach to preparing and developing a SUMP. This set of publications aims to provide methodological support to practitioners with practical, detailed guidance along the process: the SUMP Cycle. These documents provide a step-by-step standard formula that needs to be adapted depending on the needs and the context. 

The guidelines and methodologies aim at addressing technical and operational concerns about sustainable urban mobility planning for practitioners and policy-makers in developing and emerging economies in the most relevant and efficient manner.

Tools to operationalise the methodologies

SUMP tools are instruments supporting practitioners to practically develop and operationalise the SUMP guidelines and methodologies. MobiliseYourCity has developed these as documents, files, or any other piece meant to equip practitioners to prepare and develop their own urban mobility planning processes at the city level.

Training materials

This set of training materials intends to equip practitioners of sustainable urban mobility with the required content to replicate training sessions on topics relevant to develop a SUMP. The topics cover introduction, diagnosis tools, scenario development, and measure selection fo SUMPs. 

Completed SUMPs and case studies

Including real-life deliverables of the SUMP guidelines and methodologies' practical application offered by MobiliseYourCity and the related tools, these documents are sample documents of the SUMPs adopted by MobiliseYourCity cities. In turn, study cases are analytical in nature, and their conclusions, lessons learned and recommendations are gathered as a result of practical implementation of the SUMP guidelines and methodologies for their own improvement.