Training sessions & events

Our trainings are designed to be freely available, readily adaptable, and easily scaled. Capacity building brings in the human touch. A highly committed team of urban mobility experts engages with practitioners, decision makers, advocates and students through trainings and workshops to address key pressing issues and disseminate our methodological framework. We scale our capacity building offer by making successful trainings conducted throu individual SUMPs available to all our partners and audiences.

Upcoming sessions and events

Sep 05 2023

Vinculando la planeación urbana y de movilidad

Aug 22 2023

Conducir una evaluación financiera en movilidad urbana

Aug 08 2023

Introducción a modos activos ¿qué son y cómo diagnosticarlos?

Jul 25 2023

Introducción al concepto de género en la planeación de la movilidad urbana