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Webinar on “Non-Motorized Transportation”


Tanzarella Elena

Communication Assistant


Webinar on “Non-Motorized Transportation”

Non-Motorized Transport modes are considered to be the strongest and sustainable modes yet most neglected amongst all other modes. NMT includes mainly walking, cycling & cycle rickshaws. Most of Indian cities have at least 40% of NMT modal share however due to lack of dedicated Infrastructure there is a shift towards private transportation. Also, NMT is considered to be the most vulnerable & unsafe due to existing Indian road conditions with higher accident rates annually. Promoting NMT & Improving its infrastructure facilities is considered to be one of the most cost-effective solutions with minimum intervention and this can also enhance the first & last-mile connectivity which improves PT ridership as well.

Earlier this month, MobiliseYourCity India has brought together Prof. Geetam Tiwari, Ms Amelie Schell and Ms K. Vijaya Lakshmi to address those issues.

You will find below their presentations.

Link to the webinar's video


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