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Mastering Mobility Training "Introduction to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans"

Strunden Anouchka


The first session of the Mastering Mobility Training Series was structured around how sustainable urban mobility planning goes beyond traditional transport planning.

This course focused on the different aspects that make a SUMP a unique planning process such as the focus on low carbon and efficient means of transport, a people-focused planning process, the consideration of all modes and services to improve mobility and planning at the scale of the whole functional urban area. The session also discussed how to identify all required resources and available guidance to prepare a SUMP, and how to get from planning to implementation.

During the breakout session, participants worked in small groups to discuss and gather examples on the ASI (Avoid, Shift, Improve) measures. The results can be downloaded in the material below.

201016_Invitation template Mastering mobility month
201016_Invitation template Mastering mobility month
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