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Understanding air quality and its role in urban transportation


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There is scarcely a city in the entire world that is not affected by air pollution. This is bad, for the citizens, the environment, and the economy. In this session, you will understand what air quality is, what the main pollutants and their sources are, how to measure them, and the contribution of urban transport to this ubiquitous problem.

When it comes to sustainable mobility planning, it is essential to understand air quality and its role in urban transportation. This is the first of two sessions on air quality, that will give an overview of the differences between Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution, the main air pollutants, their impact on health and their main sources and the contribution of transport to air pollution. Furthermore, this session explores tools and methods for an air quality assessment in your city and is drawing valuable insights from an air quality study in Yaoundé. We collected a few highlights from this session for you (NOTE: To watch the session recording in English please activate subtitles in the menu settings of the video on YouTube):

You can also watch the full recording on our YouTube channel (please activate subtitles in English or your preferred language).The session presentation is available in English via the link below.

cover slide of session
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