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Transition Plan for Electric Bus Fleet Upgrade


Musil Clément

Programme Manager - MobiliseYourCity Asia


Elaboration of a Transition Plan for the Municipal Bus Network in Nagpur (India)

The elaboration of the transition plan for the municipal bus network in Nagpur (India) aims at progressively replacing existing thermal standard buses with e-buses. Within the framework of the MobiliseYourCity programme for Smart City development in India led and co-financed by the French Agency of Development (AFD), a comprehensive study was conducted by SETEC-NODALIS to prepare the transition and development plan of the bus network of Nagpur, India.

The study of the transition and development plan for the bus network of Nagpur consists in:

  • The study of the existing situation and previous studies performed related to mobility plans in Nagpur (Comprehensive mobility plans, Bus Feeder Services to Metro),
  • The proposal of a plan for the bus network restructuring, transition and development of the urban bus network plan to accompany the start of revenue service of Nagpur metro (bus routes modifications and implementation of feeder services), and implement overall mobility system in Nagpur also compatible with intermediate paratransit services (Auto, Rickshaws, and Cycle Rickshaws),
  • The study of the transition and evolution of the diesel / CNG bus fleet to electrical buses (green mobility), with necessary modifications of depots and deployment of charging infrastructure, with technical feasibility studies for the first phases of deployment,
  • The corresponding financial modelling and contractual framework analysis.

Two final deliverables are now available. The first one refers to the "Transition Plan for Electric bus Fleet Upgrade". The second proposes a "Pre-feasibility study for Electric Buses Deployment."



2022-01-13 (2)
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