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Physical Planning of Transit Interchanges in Ahmedabad (India)

Musil Clément

Programme Manager - MobiliseYourCity Asia


General guidelines and Concept Plan for Transit Interchanges in Ahmedabad (India)

Based on the case of Ahmedabad (India) this manual provides general guidelines to plan and design public transit interchanges. 

Within the framework of the MobiliseYourCity programme in India led and co-financed by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), a comprehensive study was conducted by AREP, ARTELIA and URBZ to set up general guidelines and concept plan to improve and design public transit interchanges in Ahmedabad.

Based on public transit station analysis, and the main challenges for public transport interconnections, this manual (available below) propose a list of guidelines to improve station design and access, roads and network organisation, and urban context design.

Improvement of these 3 types of spaces is crucial to increase pedestrian comfort. It is about station visibility, crossing safety, public space design to make pedestrian access to public transport and public transport journey quick, safe and comfortable, and thus increase public transport ridership.

Based on the case of Ahmedabad, these guidelines provide general directions, applicable to all sites, and specific directions, applicable to one typology of station or specific situations. All guidelines are developed in concept plans, which should be considered as examples to illustrate the application of guidelines in a real context.

2022-01-21 (4)
2022-01-21 (4)
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