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Chile -  Kenya

Participation matters: who to involve and how to prepare a participatory process for mobility planning

MobiliseYourCity Partnership


Together with our guest speakers and city member representatives, we will discuss the strategies to involve the broader public in participatory activities during a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan preparation.


This webinar is based on the Topic Guide: Participatory processes in urban mobility planning

Defining the future of urban mobility cannot result from a top-down approach, as no project or policy will be successful if the stakeholders are not engaged in its conception. Participation lies at the heart of the MobiliseYourCity methodology and should be deployed throughout the urban mobility planning process. It requires active mobilisation of stakeholders, users, and citizens to guarantee a tailored set of measures and effective implementation.

Find the recording of the session following the links to our YouTube channel:

07:03 The MobiliseYourCity Topic Guide in Participatory Process for SUMPs

26:05 Participatory process during COVID-19 in Latin America

34:45 Q&A

40:50 Case Study Chile – Participatory process for Antofagasta’s SUMP

52:04 Case Study Kenya – Participatory process for Kisumu’s SUMP

56:58 Questions & Farewell


Find the slides of the session below:

Participation matters
Participation matters
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