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  • Bodaboda Oct 12 2022

    Motorcycle taxis could be part of Africa's major urban transportation solution

      Nowadays, citizens throughout the entire African continent face multiple but similar challenges and opportunities that directly relate to the way they move. As urban ...

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  • ADB Transport Forum Oct 12 2022

    Digitalisation, data collection, paratransit and decarbonisation: what MobiliseYourCity brought to ADB Transport Forum

      Thanks to the close collaboration with ADB, MobiliseYourCity and its implementing partners were offered the chance to bring up topics of interest to our ...

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  • Steering Committee Oct 12 2022

    MobiliseYourCity Partners meet in Paris and welcome BMZ as newest contributing partner

      On April 21st, MobiliseYourCity partners met in AFD offices in Paris for the 11th Steering Committee Meeting. They welcomed the German Federal Ministry for ...

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  • Global Monitor 2022 Oct 12 2022

    Download the fresh off the press Global Monitor 2022

      Based on a two-month data collection, the Global Monitor is always an exciting and insightful opportunity to take stock of the impact of MobiliseYourCity work and ...

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  • active modes Oct 12 2022

    Promoting Active Modes to help Decarbonise Urban Transport: The MobiliseYourCity Contribution

      Why active transport modes are essential to help decarbonize urban transport   The increased use of motorized vehicles within urban settings has incurred unprecedented social, ...

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  • AFD Oct 12 2022

    The Agence Française de Développement becomes the new Chair of MobiliseYourCity

      Lise Breuil, Head of the Transport and Mobility Division at the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) shares the perspective of AFD on their engagement ...

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  • New Delhi Oct 12 2022

    How ADB is supporting Asian cities to transform their mobility systems

      Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed mobility practices. The duration and complexity of the pandemic have pushed cities and countries to make ...

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  • SDGs Oct 12 2022

    Active Modes and Sustainable Development Goals: how does MobiliseYourCity link the 2030 Agenda to active modes of transport?

      The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the 17 goals accorded by all members of the United Nations to be closer to achieving human rights ...

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  • Data collection Oct 12 2022

    Top 10 takeaways from MobiliseYourCity 2022 data collection

      After two months of data collection and updates for 55 factsheets on MobiliseYourCity member cities and countries, here are 10 key takeaways.    Using ...

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  • Oct 12 2022

    Santo Domingo moves forward to implement its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

      After the adoption of Santo Domingo SUMP in 2019, local authorities have undertaken concrete actions to transform urban mobility in the city. Mobility conditions ...

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  • Medan Metropolitan Area SUMP Oct 12 2022

    Action plan discussion: towards the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Mebidangro

      A final SUMP’s Steering Committee to comment the action plan Last week, on Friday 4th of February, the Mebidangro* SUMP’s Steering Committee held its ...

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  • DT4A Innovation Challenge Oct 12 2022

    DigitalTransport4Africa (DT4A) Innovation Challenge

      WRI, in partnership with AFD, recently launched the DigitalTransport4Africa (DT4A) Innovation Challenge. The aim is to support sustainable mobility initiatives particularly related to paratransit or “informal” ...

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  • Oct 12 2022

    How Kochi aims to transform the walking experience of more than 10 000 users along the Green Mobility corridor

      As the economic capital of Kerala state in India, the metropolitan agglomeration of Kochi is home to approximately 2.2 million urban dwellers out of ...

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  • Paratransit Oct 12 2022

    MobiliseYourCity highlights importance of paratransit during Side Event at the 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference

      Over 50 participants joined paratransit experts and MobiliseYourCity partners at MobiliseYourCity Side Event at the 2nd UN Sustainable Transport Conference to formulate recommendations for ...

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  • COP26 Oct 12 2022

    MobiliseYourCity raises the most pressing issues of our member cities and countries from the Global South at COP26

      At a COP criticised by many for its lack of integration of the Global South, MobiliseYourCity stands out for having represented the issues of ...

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  • Paratransit toolkit Oct 12 2022

    Hands-on Paratransit toolkit equips practitioners and decision makers with 50 measures to reform the sector

      MobiliseYourCity just published its Paratransit Toolkit to support practitioners and decision-makers in reforming this sector. Developed with our African Community of Practice and our ...

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  • Mastering Mobility Series Oct 12 2022

    Mastering Mobility Training Series supports local practitioners from 76 cities in developing their SUMPs

      Consultants, planners and experts from cities and countries around the world gathered in seven training sessions during November and December 2021 to learn and ...

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  • Teresina Oct 12 2022

    Teresina, supported by the EU, launched an Open Innovation challenge to develop creative solutions for mobility planning

      A city at the crossroads suffering from urban sprawl Teresina is a crossroads near the major cities of the north coast of the country, ...

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