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Mastering Mobility Training - SUMP Deep-Dive on Data Needs and Uses


Strunden Anouchka

Assistant Mobility Expert


Without data, we are relying on assumptions and limited perspectives, we need a well informed baseline analysis in order to take adequate decisions and plan for the right means of transport. The Deep-Dive session on Data Collection gives an introduction to the kinds of - and access to - data for cities that are starting their SUMP process.


In this session Thomas Durlin and Mathieu Rabaud from Cerema shared their expertise on which data is required to conduct an evidence based status quo analysis of a city’s mobility system. Vincent Larondelle from the MobiliseYourCity Secretariat presented the core impact indicators and their importance in linking local action to the global agenda of climate mitigation and adaptation. Participants and experts jointly discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has effected the collection of data and which are long-term consequences for the new normal for data collection.

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