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Kisumu Sustainable Mobility Plan

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A sustainable urban mobility plan for the third-largest city in Kenya

Kisumu, like many cities in Africa, is experiencing mobility challenges that are characterised by increasing car traffic, inefficient public transport, inadequate walking and cycling facilities, and poor parking management. 

The Kenia Sustainable Mobility Plan (KSMP) is an ambitious project to tackle these challenges by prioritising walking and cycling, and by increasing the accessibility to public transport. 

The ten-year target for non-motorized transport includes:

  • Implement pedestrian and road safety elements in 40 school zones by 2022.
  • Rehabilitate 28 km of recently constructed KeNHA corridors with road safety improvements, including the redesign of 20 unsafe intersections by 2022.
  • Improve 100 km of streets with a complete pedestrian realm, including footpaths and crossings on major streets and safe shared space on neighbourhood lanes by 2030.

Read the full report on Kisunu's Sustainable Mobility Plan clicking on the link below!

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