Webinar: Transition to electrical transport

Next #MOVE  webinar on Electric mobility in the Caribbean

Transition to electrical transport

  • Tuesday, February 9th
  • 10:00 am time Panama City

Caribbean islands are ideal for the electrification of transport. Renewable energy resources are abundant, and there is little concern about battery range, as they are small, and generally with flat terrain, territories. From a 2013’s CARICOM Energy Policy to an Electric Vehicle Work Group formed in 2017, electric vehicle uptake is on the rise in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean has a Regional Electric Vehicle Strategy Framework under development and NDCs presenting clean transportation commitments. This session will present the advances in electric mobility in the region, as well as the public and private efforts to stimulate EV demand.


Presented by: Curtis Boodoo

Connect at https://youtu.be/w4ARxY6owng