Webinar on Road Safety & Role of Tactical Urbanism

MobiliseYourCity India has brought together Dr. Rohit Baluja (President of IRTE and director of College of Traffic Management) and Etienne Lohmet (Director of DVDH) to discuss the topic of Road Safety and Role of Tactical Urbanism.

In the post COVID recovery phase wherein making cities active mobility friendly also has resulted in growing concern for road safety, the session intends to understand the road safety and traffic management issues, design engineering solutions and control measures. The session also intends to explore the role & potential of tactical urbanism in managing the concern and promoting active mobility.

Date: 6 July 2020

Time: 1730 – 1900 hours IST

Moderated by: Advait Jani

Presentation on 'Traffic Engineering: The Missing Component of Traffic Management in Indian Cities'- by Dr. Rohit Baluja, IRTE (30 min)

Presentation on 'Role of Tactical Urbanism' – by Mr. Etienne Lohmet, DVDH, Paris (15 min)


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