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Webinar on “Comprehensive Mobility Plans”


Tanzarella Elena

Communication Assistant


Webinar on “Comprehensive Mobility Plans”

For the last few decades, due to growth of private vehicles, there has been a significant growth in GHG emissions, road accidents and lead to other major mobility issues. However, with a vision of long-term strategic approach of integrating Land-use & transportation, this can be complemented to a larger extent by understanding the existing demand of mobility needs and providing services accordingly to transform towards sustainability in principles with NUTP policy. Comprehensive Mobility Plan is one such plan that interprets the real demand for mobility services in the city involving all the major stakeholders and provides on-ground solutions for different phases. This session focuses on how these CMP’s are prepared and what are the possible challenges and gaps in preparing this plan with International & Indian examples and as well the importance of setting up an UMTA & its roles and responsibilities.

To address those issues, MobiliseYourCity India, UMTC and WRI has brought together Ms Kanika Kaira, Mr Etienne Lhomet and Mr N Seshadri to discuss the topic “Comprehensive Mobility Plans”.

You will find below their presentations.

The recording is available here.

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