Webinar: Business models for transit systems

As part of the webinars' series on Electromobility in the Caribbean, MOVE invites us to participate in the webinar:Business models for transit systems

The Latin American public transport system is characterized by the provision of private services, from the publicly controlled and strongly enforced systems to uncontrolled paratransit. In order to pursue transport electrification, various transit systems have studied and implemented contract structuring and business models. This approach have been used by other industries to better risk allocation and to provide the scale needed in a more cost-effective way.

This session will present various business models developed in the Latin American transit system and how some of them are under implementation.


Presenta: Margarita Parra, Lead of the transport portafolio of clean energy works in Latin America and the United States.


Tuesday 9 March, 2021
10:00 hrs Panamá City


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