Webinar on “Alternative Public Transport Modes - LRT & Trolley Buses”


Following the incredible response to the first webinar series under MobiliseYourCity Partnership in India, UMTC has decided to start a new webinar series to explore more exciting topics on sustainable urban mobility.
The first chapter of this new series will be about Alternative Public Transport Modes - LRT & Trolley Buses.

Cities are complex settlements with every city having unique characteristics and needs. Providing public transport in such settlements is an extensive exercise, as no single solution will be applicable to all cases. However, with the evolution of public transport with new technologies in the market, selection of most appropriate mode or combination of modes depends upon city's requirement and has become vital for effective and comprehensive planning. This session aims to understand these technologies while exploring its pros and cons by examining various case studies.

This webinar will take place on September 9th 2020 from 5:30pm to 7pm IST. Register here