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Walking and Cycling in Africa – Evidence and Good Practice to Inspire Action


MobiliseYourCity Partnership


Evidence and good practice to inspire action

One billion people in Africa walk and cycle every day. This report is the first attempt to collect, analyse and showcase data indicating their daily reality. By interpreting existing data sources through a walking and cycling lens and highlighting inspiring best practices, it identifies the baseline conditions in all 54 African countries. Moreover, the report emphasises that to secure healthier and more equitable low-carbon cities in African countries, ensuring the safety, health, and comfort of people who walk and cycle must be a core priority. 

In addition, the report offers recommendations to governments and other stakeholders for retaining, enabling, and protecting those who are already moving in the most sustainable direction. Developed by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UNHabitat), and the Walk21 Foundation, it provides evidence, knowledge, and critical actions to guarantee that transport decisions taken today will lead to safer, more sustainable, and more resilient networks in the future.

Walking and Cycling in Africa – Evidence and Good Practice to Inspire Action
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