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Truck Ecodriving Toolkit


Tanzarella Elena

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Truck Ecodriving Toolkit

Freight transport is a major industry that is essential for economic development, yet also has a large CO2 footprint. The sector accounts for > 40% of global transport CO2 emissions, of which 75% is from road transport. According to IEA, truck are the fastest growing source of oil demand, in particular for diesel. There is, therefore, a pressing need to promote sustainable road freight practices.

Ecodriving is a cost-efficient and easy-to-implement measure that can reduce GHG emissions and other pollutants through the improvement of truck drivers’ driving style.

GIZ developed this toolkit, which is a comprehensive guide to ecodriving programmes, at company-level as well as for government-or even city-driven initiatives. It provides experiences from around the world, offers tools for planning and implementation and makes training materials available. Many of the materials in this toolkit go beyond the scope of truck ecodriving as they either include either vehicle categories like busses and cars or as they look into further road freight mitigation options as well.

Access the Truck Ecodriving Toolkit here.

truck ecodriving toolkit
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