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Training Materials | Transport modelling for mobility planning

Aguilar Réka

Website Manager


This training set addresses a clear definition of transport modelling and its objective.

  • Developed by: TRANSITEC
  • Level of Expertise: Expert
  • Language: English
  • Keywords: Transport modelling, Data
  • Time (minimum): 1h40'


This training set addresses a clear definition of transport modelling and its objective. For decades, transport modelling has been a practical tool to support policymakers with data-based analysis for urban mobility planning and other appropriate strategies for present and future mobility needs and behaviours. This training set is designed to help the audience increase their understanding of urban mobility modelling, the most common transport models and the data needed to implement them are presented concisely. However, in practice, data availability is often limited. Therefore, this training set proposes potential solutions to gather mobility data even in poor and scarce data contexts.

Training Objectives

  • Gain a better understanding of urban mobility modelling: objectives, nature, methods, and limitations
  • Identify the best-adapted modelling approach for a specific context, especially when data is scarce
  • Learn practice interpretation of modelling results

Indicative agenda

  1. What is transport modelling and what are its main uses?
  2. Overview of different transport planning models
  3. Usual methodology of transport modelling
  4. How to conduct transport modelling with limited data

If you are interested in accessing this training material, please get in contact with the MobiliseYourCity Secretariat: contact@mobiliseyourcity.net

You can access the preview of the slides and the proposed agenda of the training materials below: 

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