Top 10 takeaways from MobiliseYourCity 2022 data collection

Data collection


After two months of data collection and updates for 55 factsheets on MobiliseYourCity member cities and countries, here are 10 key takeaways


  1. Using established yet adaptable tools and methodologies enables practitioners to work effectively in complex and quickly changing environments 
  2. Through better planning, better and smarter investing, most MobiliseYourCity members can leverage an opportunity to leapfrog to sustainable urban mobility systems 
  3. Conducting rigorous mobility, institutional and financial diagnosis provides decision-makers with the data needed for evidence-based policymaking  
  4. By addressing “bankability” criteria in SUMPs and NUMPs preparation, more than 1,263 million euros have been mobilized for formal mass public transport 
  5. By considering all modes of transport, SUMPs and NUMPs have mobilised 25 million euros for walking and cycling infrastructure, which accounts for less than 7% of the total identified need  
  6. Measures to professionalise paratransit are being included in SUMPs and NUMPs, and these measures are moving to implementation 
  7. Pilot projects and tactical interventions are an effective, low-cost way of promoting sustainable modes and approaches to planning  
  8. The lessons learned from MobiliseYourCity SUMP preparation parallels the experience of cities in Europe  
  9. While causing implementation delays, the relentless pandemic has also encouraged innovation in data collection   
  10. Every year, the quality of our data is getting better, but there is still room for improvement