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Technical Handbook on Issuing Municipal Sustainable Bonds in South Africa


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The Technical Handbook is intended to provide municipalities with a comprehensive guide on aspects linked to the issuance of Green Bonds.

The Technical Handbook sets out detailed, accessible, practical steps involved in Sustainable Bonds issuance and discusses the associated tasks and activities for municipalities to have a view of the comprehensive process for the preparation, issuance, and management of a sustainable bond. It contains an organized collection of introductory material related to sustainable bonds, so that readers can familiarise themselves with the terminology, context, purpose, and considerations related to the instruments. There are two main segments to the Handbook:

  • An introduction to the Sustainable Bonds ecosystem in South Africa (introducing the actors involved).
  • Guidance on issuing a Sustainable Bond: detailing the process step-by step and providing detailed practical recommendations for the activities, processes and expectations for the end-to-end process of preparing for, issuing and managing a Sustainable Bond
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