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The Sustainable Urban Transport and Heritage Project (SUTRHE), an opportunity to renew and modernise urban mobility in Phuket (Thailand)


Musil Clément

Programme Manager - MobiliseYourCity Asia


Proposal of an integrated urban mobility project for Phuket

The Sustainable Urban Transport and Heritage Project (SUTRHE) Project is an urban transport and urban planning project conducted in Phuket Province (Thailand) by the AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and OTP (Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning) under the umbrella of a technical cooperation. This study is the result of a 12 months’ work that was conducted between February 2020 and January 2021.

Due to growing issues related to urban growth, pollution and congestion, the authorities of Phuket Province and the Government of Thailand want to support the development of sustainable mobility on the island. The SURTHE study will support them by proposing recommendations for the development of sustainable urban mobility systems in Phuket.

Fully aware of the challenge that lies ahead, the Government of Thailand has been studying the possibility to set up a mass-transit solution in this major secondary city. The Phuket LRT project preparation, which has started a few years ago, is currently undergoing additional technical fine-tuning before getting final approval. Once implemented, the LRT would be located on the main North-South corridor of Phuket Island where most of the traffic congestion arises. Developing mass transit corridors typically creates the strategic opportunity to renew and modernise an entire city. However, the implementation of such an infrastructure often faces numerous challenges.

The SUTRHE Project aims to support the Government of Thailand and the province of Phuket in the preparation of a comprehensive mobility project for Phuket and its surrounding urban areas. This project is not only a mobility study but also a projected reflection of how the inhabitants of Phuket would live and move in the coming years. In 2030, how would people commute to work, to school, to shopping areas, in safer environment, with an acceptable level of congestion and, possibly, with lower levels of air pollution and CO2 emissions?

Additional material such as videos are available here:



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