Recordings of English Training Sessions from 2023


In 2023, MobiliseYourCity has sustained its commitment to delivering comprehensive online training sessions. The principal focus of these sessions encompassed Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), with specific attention directed towards introducing our official SUMP guideline, transport modelling considerations, and assessments of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, additional topics covered during these training sessions related to innovative mass transit alternatives, as well as the description of scenarios and the identification of measures needed for achieving planned urban mobility objectives. All these sessions are accessible as recorded online presentations, with corresponding links provided below.

1. Introducing the MobiliseYourCity Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans Guidelines

In this training session, we dive deeper into the content of the MobiliseYourCity Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan guidelines, going through the SUMP phases and steps proposed, the MobiliseYourCity implications for the core SUMP principles, and the main features of a modern and sustainable urban mobility system. While learning about the SUMP Guidelines, participants will get a broad overview of what a SUMPs is, its goals, and its complete development process.

2. Transport Modeling for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

This technical training section is designed to help the audience increase their understanding of urban mobility modelling in the framework of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) development. It will provide a definition of transport modelling and provide practical, global references to make the above concepts easier to understand.

3. Defining Scenarios and Identifying Measures for Urban Mobility Goals

Defining scenarios and identifying measures when developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) to reach urban mobility goals requires a coherent and well-defined framework. The recording of this training session presents the prerequisites and methods for measure planning, as well as defining scenarios. It also offers proven methods in the case of the SUMP for the metropolis of Medan, Indonesia.

4. Innovative Mass Transit Options

This training session takes participants back to the foundations of urban transport traditional modes to emphasise their differences in terms of definition, technical characteristics, benefits, and evolution. It also discusses how to choose the most suitable urban transport modes for a city. In addition, the session introduces innovative tools and solutions through practical examples.

5. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impact Assessment of an Urban Mobility Plan

This session presents the case of the territory of Greater Sousse, Tunisia, an agglomeration that has prepared an Urban Mobility Plan to improve urban mobility conditions following the elaboration of the Tunisian NUMP. With technical assistance from the EuroMed Transport Support Project and MobiliseYourCity, the Greater Sousse agglomeration was able to assess the impact of its UDP on GHG emissions by considering several scenarios using the MobiliseYourCity emissions calculator. This webinar explains the data needed to prepare such an assessment and the calculations made to estimate the impact of the GHG emissions of the Greater Sousse UDP.

6. Urban Mobility Observatories

These sessions focused on the technical architecture of the Urban Mobility Observatories. The genericity of the developments and the replicable nature of the application will be highlighted. The resources needed to implement the application in another territory will be discussed in the second part. The speakers explain the opportunities around the open-source development model. The last part focuses on access to geospatial data in a growing open data movement.

To sum up, MobiliseYourCity's 2023 training series provided a thorough exploration of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP). Each session equipped participants with essential tools and insights for effective and sustainable urban planning, from foundational guidelines to technical modelling and real-world applications. The diverse topics covered, including Innovative Mass Transit Options, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impact Assessment, and Urban Mobility Observatories, collectively enriched participants' understanding, reinforcing MobiliseYourCity's commitment to fostering informed and strategic urban development.