Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility in Peru: training trainers for the Promovilidad programme

Written by Diana ARDILA LUENGAS

In the framework of the technical assistance FEXTE in Peru, AFD and CODATU (both partners of MobiliseYourCity) considered it appropriate to establish a link between the Partnership and the Promovilidad team. The objective of this link is to make known the tools developed by MobiliseYourCity to accompany cities in a transition towards more sustainable transport models and to find possible synergies for a fruitful collaboration. 

Four training sessions were held during two weeks in October 2023, using a hybrid format combining in-person and remote attendees and speakers. A total of 31 people from Promovilidad actively participated in the training series, with the aim of becoming replicators of capacity-building activities that contribute to sustainable urban mobility in Peruvian secondary cities. 

The training sessions addressed global urban mobility challenges and their contextualisation in Peruvian cities, as well as basic concepts of sustainable urban mobility in terms of public policy.  

The sessions covered the promotion of walking and cycling as modes of transport, presenting tools to increase their modal share. In addition, the inclusion of the gender perspective in urban mobility planning and informal transport as a prominent actor in urban mobility in Peru was explored. 

All training was based on the MobiliseYourCity training materials. These training materials will continue to be made available to Promovilidad for scaling up and replicating the training activities to local authorities in secondary cities in Peru. 

It is crucial to highlight the effectiveness of the training materials provided by MobiliseYourCity. They have become fundamental tools for training government officials, strengthening their understanding of sustainable urban mobility and promoting a holistic approach to city transport planning. This is just the beginning of a collaboration that promises to transform the urban mobility landscape in Peru positively.