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    With the support of AFD

Activities summary

Medan takes the lead on sustainable mobility

The Medan Metropolitan area, Indonesia, also known as Mebidangro, has engaged in a process to transform and modernise its urban mobility system. With 4.8 Million inhabitants and a rapidly growing number of private vehicles, the local government of the North Sumatra province, in close coordination with the City of Medan, has decided to elaborate a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). The elaboration of this SUMP shall be the basis for future public mass transit projects.

Expected results

Through this SUMP, the City and the Province want to develop a comprehensive understanding of mobility patterns and needs in order to define priorities to set up a sustainable urban mobility system.  The SUMP should include the development of first urban mass transit corridors, which is a priority for both local and national governments. It will also allow to consolidate the existing public transport network and to improve intermodality. As part of its efforts to improve air quality, the city wants to encourage the development of non-motorized transport and to restrict the growing number of private vehicles.

To make these changes sustainable, North Sumatra province is seeking to involve all stakeholders and to improve the coordination between these actors. The Province and City will also invest in building capacity among their technical teams in charge of transport.

Support from MobiliseYourCity

The local government of North Sumatra will receive direct support from AFD, who will hire a consortium of consultants to work directly with local governments to assist on developing their SUMP.

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