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  • MobiliseYourCity in Philippines

    With support from GIZ on behalf of BMU

Overview of our activities


With 1.5 million euros funding from the German Federal Ministry of Environment (BMU), our implementing partner GIZ is supporting the Philippines’ Department of the Transportation in developing a National Urban Mobility Policy (NUMP).


The Philippines NUMP comprises social, environmental and economic objectives :

  • Social objective: ‘A people-first approach that ensures inclusive, comfortable, safe and dignified access to public services’;
  • Environmental objective: ‘An urban transport system which reduces its negative impacts imposed on the environment and on public health towards healthy cities’;
  • Economic objective: ‘Efficient, affordable and economically sustainable transport, which supports economic vitality for the individual and for the city’.

The Philippines NUMP focuses on reducing emissions from jeepneys, a semi-formal, inefficient system of ancient, backyard-customized former army jeeps. There are well over 250,000 jeepneys in the Philippines: they count for approx. 40% of all vehicle trips and are consequently the biggest contributor to GHG emissions in the transport sector in the Philippines. The Philippines NUMP has secured 206 M€ to pilot shifting old jeepneys to modern, new “jeepney units,” which are a combination of e-jeeps and units which utilize cleaner fuels and engines. Part of the financing will also support local manufactures in producing more energy-efficient vehicles.


The NUMP has identified and calculated the cost for a number of measures ranging from developing a national walking and cycling policy to modernizing jeepneys in the country. The NUMP is expected to leverage over a billion euros from public and private sectors in investments for vehicle modernisation.

The Philippine Urban Mobility Program will potentially reduce GHG emissions by a total of 15.01 MtCO2eq to 27.13 MtCO2eq over ten years.


Read more about our activities in the Philippines here.


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MobiliseYourCity is a multi-donor action and a partnership for operational coordination of sustainable urban mobility planning and investment programming.


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