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MobiliseYourCity 12 Messages for our Beneficiary Partners


CHEVRE Antoine

Transport Team Leader


Key Messages toward Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

MobiliseYourCity supports and engages local and national partner governments in improving urban mobility planning & finance by providing a methodological framework and technical assistance based on capacity building and by enabling access to funding at both local and national levels. The MobiliseYourCity Partnership developed 12 Messages for sustainable urban mobility planning for our beneficiary partners in emerging and developing countries. The 12 Messages are to adopt a user oriented planning approach, plan urban mobility to improve living conditions, to protect the planet and to support local economy, consider urban mobility as a key component of your urban planning, take advantage of innovative approaches and digital transformation, aim at maximum transport efficiency, emphasize effective governance as a key success factor, establish a sustainable financing scheme, ensure participation of citizens and stakeholders, develop human capacities, manage the continuous collection and use of data.

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MobiliseYourCity is a leading global partnership empowering cities to improve mobility for their citizens and to fight the global climate crisis.


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