Meet Our New Faces at MobiliseYourCity! 


Written by Giuliana AMBROSINO, MobiliseYourCity

As the year winds down, we're thrilled to introduce Giuliana and Milnael, the latest additions to our team.  
Hailing from Italy, Giuliana brings a splash of creativity to our team as our new Communication Officer. With a background in communication for international cooperation, she found her perfect fit at MobiliseYourCity, merging her passion for creativity with sustainable development. Réka, our meticulous Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, ensures big projects like the Global Monitor come to life.  
Joining as our Adaptation Expert, Milnael is on a mission to tackle climate challenges in urban planning. As part of the project funded by ADEME, he's leading the charge to adapt our cities to the reality of the ever-changing climate. Stay tuned for exciting updates on this critical initiative!  

The Unchanging Gold in Our Team  
Sasank, our visionary Head of the Global Secretariat, continues to inspire after almost 5 years. Eléonore, our seasoned Partnership and Outreach Officer for nearly four years, bridges gaps with her diplomatic finesse. Nicolas Cruz, the heartbeat of our Mobility Expertise for 2 years, keeps injecting fresh ideas, like successful Spanish workshops.  
We bid a fond farewell to Diana, whose contribution as a EUROCLIMA+ trainee was invaluable in advancing Mastering Mobility.  
Amidst new arrivals and farewells, MobiliseYourCity's Secretariat stays vibrant, diverse, and inclusive. Here's to a dynamic team paving the way for sustainable urban futures!