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Mastering Mobility Training on SUMPs and Gender


Strunden Anouchka

Assistant Mobility Expert


Women are not fragile, their needs are just often overlooked in the planning process and thus transport facilities fail to cater to the needs of half of the population. To rethink the way we make transport accessible (for all), the third session of the Mastering Mobility Training Series focused on the gender component in SUMPs, which is relevant in all parts of the process.


In this participative training, Chris Blache from Genre et Ville set the stage by introducing the basic concept of a gender equal city and society and its implications for urban mobility. Regarding the SUMP process, Anne Chaussavoine and Antoine Chevre from AFD presented how the SUMP can and should integrate women's perspectives in all stages of the process and how, by doing so, essential issues of transport and the quality as a whole are addressed and improved.

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