Kumasi receives a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan


The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for Kumasi, Ghana, is a comprehensive strategy designed to address the mobility needs of the city's residents and businesses. The plan was developed by a Steering Committee established by the government and its development partners, with the primary objective of reducing intra-city congestion and improving transportation within Kumasi and its 14 peripheral municipalities. 

One of the key components of the SUMP is the enhancement of public transportation. The plan outlines the development of a bus rapid transit (BRT) system, which is expected to significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of public transit in Kumasi. Additionally, the plan aims to elevate the quality of bus services and enhance the operations of the local "trotro" buses, which are a popular mode of transportation in the city. These improvements are intended to provide residents with more reliable and convenient public transportation options, ultimately reducing the reliance on private vehicles and alleviating traffic congestion. 

In addition to enhancing public transportation, the SUMP emphasises the improvement of non-motorized transport. This includes the creation of dedicated cycling lanes and sidewalks as part of new road infrastructure development. By prioritising non-motorized transportation, the plan aims to promote active modes of commuting such as cycling and walking, providing residents with safer and more sustainable alternatives to motorised transport. 

The SUMP also takes into account the projected population growth and urban sprawl in Kumasi. With an estimated 4.2 million inhabitants expected in Kumasi by 2030, the plan anticipates increased travel lengths and times within the city, as well as heightened competition for urban space. As a result, the SUMP seeks to address these challenges by providing feasible and sustainable mobility solutions that can accommodate the city's growing population while mitigating the adverse effects of urban congestion. 

The successful implementation of the SUMP is crucial to achieving its objectives. The SUMP's focus on sustainable urban mobility reflects a commitment to creating a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and accessible transportation system for Kumasi and its surrounding municipalities.

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