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The MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator, our most downloaded product since its launch in 2020, is used by cities, governments, and experts worldwide for mobility-related GHG emissions inventories, business-as-usual projections, and impact assessment of alternative scenarios, such as SUMP and NUMP.

Nearly 30 city and country members of the partnership are using the calculator with significant results. The tool implemented in Latin America, for example, has enabled the city of Antofagasta, Chile, to observe the impact of adopting an ambitious active mobility action plan in its SUMP, and to aim for a trajectory of stabilising greenhouse gas emissions and breaking the current exponential increase. The adopted trajectory will avoid 13% of annual emissions by 2030, and 39% by 2050.

With similar results in Guadalajara, Mexico (-14% in 2030) or at the national level in Uruguay (-15% in 2030), the Emissions Calculator demonstrates its ability to measure and effectively communicate the impact of mobility trajectory changes. But it is also capable of integrating the impact of changes in emission factors related to fuels and vehicles. As well as to account for freight in addition to passengers’ mobility.

At the occasion of the EU Urban Mobility Days, we are excited launch the Emissions Calculator users community on LinkedIn. Join us now on LinkedIn, and find the right space to ask your questions, give feedback and exchange with other users on good practices and other useful information related to the calculation of mobility-related greenhouse gas emissions.


LinkedIn Group Users Community for the Emissions Calculator

We are also proud to release a new version of Emissions Calculator, which is now future-proof, thanks to the inclusion of additional fuel (LNG, hydrogen, …) and vehicle types (coach, cargo-bikes, …), the enabling of more flexible timeframe and reference years for scenario building, as well as many improvements to the interface.

The version 1.4 of the MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator is available here :