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Collecting Mode Share Data by Household Survey

Gathering data on passenger mode share is a prerequisite for devising mobility plans for any neighborhood, town, or city. Household surveys play an essential role in extracting this information. This survey template, developed by the Institute of Transport and Development Policy (ITDP), provides an in-depth view of the information required to assess travelers’ mobility patterns.

It allows the user to analyze trends in personal and household travel characteristics by gathering data participant socio-demographics, the purpose of trips, breakdown of trips by different mode shares, origin-destination information, travel time, distance, and incurred costs per trip. The tool helps gathering data on the existing transportation situation within an urban area. Furthermore, it also evaluates the perception of the built environment for walking, cycling, and public transportation in terms of accessibility, safety, comfort, and attractivity.

As the tool was developed in the context of a project in Nashik, India it is advisable to adjust the template according to local contexts to fulfill your project goals and objectives.


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