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Webinario sobre "Transporte inteligente en la movilidad urbana"

Tanzarella Elena

Junior Communication Officer


Webinar on "Intelligent Transportation in Urban Mobility"

While people continue moving to cities, the rate of urbanization is also increasing with the demand for mobility. These days, with a wide range of options being available for any individual to travel from a point to point, the feasibility of Public Transportation Systems has become more concerned & challenging and vulnerable. To fulfil this gap and attract commuters towards sustainable modes such as Public Transportation, integrating Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is considered to be one of the commendable steps with the wide range of technologies emerging in the market. Providing real-time information to commuters at bus stops as well as updating from any part of the world can enhance the usability of these systems. 

Earlier this month, MobiliseYourCity India has brought together Mr. Abhijt Sengupta, Mr. Vivek Ogra and Dr. Vijay Kovvali to address those issues.

You will find below their presentations.

Link to the webinar's video

Intelligent transportation in urban mobility
Intelligent transportation in urban mobility

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