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COVID-19 Cycling Measures Tracker by ECF


Larondelle Vincent

M&E and Reporting Manager


Interactive tracking dashboard of cycling measures related to the COVID crisis in Europe.

The COVID crisis has strongly affected many aspects of our society. One of the positive outcomes has been the resurgence of cycling: the lockdown gave the bicycle the opportunity to prove it is the safest, most efficient urban mode of transport. As a result, European, national, and local authorities have started to put in place several permanent (and temporary) cycling measures in their cities and regions. The ECF has also issued a set of recommendations for these authorities to promote cycling beyond the crisis.

To track all these new cycling measures, we have analysed official and unofficial news, plans, announcements, reports from our members on the ground and summarised them in an interactive dashboard. Please, let us know if you would like to verify data for your city or provide information about a city that is currently missing from the dashboard.

COVID-19 Cycling Measures Tracker

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