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Dominican Republic

Resumen del PMUS - Santo Domingo

Tanzarella Elena

Junior Communication Officer


SUMP summary - Santo Domingo

Located in the Caribbean region, Santo Domingo is the administrative, economic, and political capital of the Dominican Republic. With a population estimated at more than 3.5 million inhabitants, representing one-third of the total country population, and with a projection of 4 million in 2030, Santo Domingo is a dynamic fast-growing city.

The current system of transportation in the City of Santo Domingo has been mostly the result of a historically unregulated, uneven, and rapid urbanization. The results are vastly different levels of service, socio-economic activities, and quality of life across the city’s municipalities.

To tackle these issues, Santo Domingo chose the most ambitious path amongst the scenarios identified for its urban mobility plan, which is largely dedicated to the development of a high capacity public transport offer.

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Santo Domingo SUMP summary
Santo Domingo SUMP summary

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