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Global Monitor 2022


MobiliseYourCity Partnership


Like every year, the Global Monitor is an exciting and insightful opportunity for us to take stock of the impact of our work and draw lessons from our projects throughout the world.

After a two-month period of data collection and analysis, we can report that 40 million euros in technical assistance provided by the Partnership have leveraged 1.296 billion euros to build quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure. An additional 13 billion euros in investments in infrastructure have been identified and are ready to be developed. With this investment, we expect an additional 7 million people to have access to public transportation services.

This year we can present even more quantitative results of our work through graphs and figures throughout the report. We highlighted the many achievements in capacity development and drew lessons from the analysis of over 50 updated factsheets on MobiliseYourCity member cities and countries.

To learn more about the results, download the report below.

Global Monitor 2022
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