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Adaptación para la Resiliencia del Transporte al Cambio Climático (AfTR-CC) para países de bajo ingreso en África y el sur de Asia

MobiliseYourCity Partnership


This report explores the current state of knowledge of climate change adaptation for transport infrastructure resilience in low-income countries (LICs) in Africa and South Asia.

It documents research undertaken by the project “Adaptation for Transport Resilience to Climate Change (AfTR-CC) in African and South Asian LICs” (reference: HVT047). The project combined primary and secondary data to characterise the current interest, challenges and barriers pertinent to improving the resilience of transport to climate change in these countries. Additional outcomes of this project are a policy guide, intended for providers of transport in LICs in Africa and South Asia, and at least one scholarly paper based on topics within this report, in order to extend the research findings and recommendations to a wider audience.

state of knowledge report
state of knowledge report

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