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GIZ | Adaptar el transporte urbano al cambio climático


MobiliseYourCity Partnership


Many transport decision-makers in developing countries are already confronted with extreme weather events, such as flooding, sea level rise and storms, all of which are expected to increase with climate change. In the worst case, transportation systems may not be able to recover between such events, resulting in exponential damages. This module is intended to raise awareness and describes the expected impacts of climate change on urban passenger transport as well as possible adaptation measures.

The Sourcebook is intended for policy-makers in developing cities and their advisors. This target audience
is reflected in the content, which provides policy tools appropriate for application in a range of developing
cities. The academic sector (e.g. universities) has also benefited from this material.


Read the full paper by downloading it via the link below.

two persons walking on a flooded side walk
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