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El tranvía como sistema de transporte de masas sostenible: evaluación a posteriori de los tranvías marroquíes


Nolte Julia

Capacity Development Intern


Tramways have been providing public transportation to citizens throughout the world since before the 20th century. Today’s modern versions are still having an essential role in the provision of clean, comfortable, safe, accessible and attractive mass transit services. Learn from Casablanca and Rabat how these systems can significantly improve mobility in your city.

Evaluation is an important part of sustainable mobility planning before, but more rarely after the implementation phase. Hence, the ex-post evaluation of tramways in two Moroccan cities, Casablanca and Rabat-Salé, offers valuable insights that draw from almost ten years of tramway operation. With this session, you will:

  • Understand the role of tramways as sustainable mass transit systems
  • Learn about the economic, social and environmental benefits of tramways
  • Reflect on lessons learned from Moroccan tramways and apply them to your own contexts

Don't miss out to download the session presentation, that is available in French and English, below.

Interested in conducting a similar training on "Tramways as sustainable mass-transit systems: Ex-post evaluation of Moroccan tramways" in your project or city? We are creating training materials to help replicate this training, including commented power-point presentations, interactive tasks for group work, quizzes and more. If you want to learn more and stay updated on the development of those materials, please write to

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