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Movilidad sostenible: formulación de políticas para el intercambio de datos

Vemuri Sasank

Coordinator, MobiliseYourCity Partnership


The next generation of urban mobility and transportation is likely to take the form of progressively more evolved intelligent transportation systems. Such systems will be designed to coordinate multiple actors, supply, and demand to achieve sustainable mobility goals, generate economic value, and improve transportation experiences. While raw data alone is not sufficient, the sharing of data can help generate actionable insights, which are necessary to achieve these goals. Well-orchestrated policies will be critical to shape future data sharing ecosystems, realize shared value for the public and private sectors, and achieve the desired sustainability outcomes. Data Sharing policies should also aim to minimize risks around privacy and cybersecurity, minimize mobility biases rooted in race, gender, and age, prevent the creation of runaway data monopolies, and bridge the widening data divide. This report, with MobiliseYourCity Contribution, offers a global policy framework and practical guidance for policy making on data sharing. Recognizing the hyperlocal context of mobility needs and policies, the nascent state of the data sharing market, and limited evidence from regulatory practices, we offer multiple case studies from across the globe to document emerging good practices and policy suggestions


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