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Webinario sobre "Integración multimodal"

Tanzarella Elena

Junior Communication Officer


Webinar on “Multi-Modal Integration”

Transport system is often described as the blood system of society and especially that of its economy. As transportation systems develop and grow over time, different modes of transport are introduced into the network based on the necessities and demand. This transport specialization has in turn and over time has become embedded in the institutions set in place to control and manage transport systems. From the supply aspect, the concept of providing for the whole journey from origin to destination is often ignored and attention is concentrated on the main aspect of journey e.g., car or train. To be efficient and fair, a transportation system must serve diverse demands. Hence, providing for the need for multimodal travel to get from one place to another is the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution to the growing problems of modern urbanism categorized by a population influx leading to environmental degradation and congestion.

MobiliseYourCity India, UMTC and WRI India have brought together Mr Sanjeev Kumar Lohia and Mr Sharat Sharma to discuss on how the multi-modal solutions should be planned to ensure seamless urban transportation.

You will find below their presentation.

Link to the webinar's video

Multi-modal integration_0
Multi-modal integration_0

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