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Webinar sobre la transición de autobuses tradicionales a E-Buses en ciudades de nivel 2 en India

Ferdinand Julien

Communications Manager


Webinar on Transitioning traditional buses to E-Buses in tier 2 cities in India

Transitioning from traditional buses to e-buses can have a great impact on a city. This session aims to address the potential change and focus on EV adoption trends in cities post experiencing the improved air quality during COVID -19 lockdown. At the same time the session intends to share the findings of a study undertaken for transition planning of traditional buses to electric buses in a typical tier 2 city (case example of Nagpur) in India.

To address those issues, MobiliseYourCity India, UMTC and WRI India have brought together Mr Arthur Toribio, Mr Carlos Belem and Mr Amit Bhatt to discuss the topic of  Transitioning traditional buses to E-Buses in tier 2 cities in India”

You will find below their presentations.

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