Unlocking Opportunities: Why You Should Join the MobiliseYourCity Partnership

Seventy cities and 17 national governments have already joined the MobiliseYourCity Partnership. Read below what we offer them, and get in touch with us if you want to talk about joining.  

Access to capacity building, a network of peer practitioners and expertise:  
The MobiliseYourCity Partnership offers regular capacity-building services, providing staff from city and country members with the tools, training, and support needed to enhance their capabilities in sustainable urban development. This can include workshops, training programs, and access to relevant resources. 

In 2023, for example we offered 20 trainings in English, French and Spanish.  

In addition to the online training, there are also occasional opportunities for in-person training. With the generous support of the European Union (EU), in June 2023, we were able to nominate representatives from our member cities and countries to attend the UITP Summit in Barcelona, Spain. The 40 delegates from Latin America and Africa not only joined over 17K visitors at the Summit but also benefitted from specially delivered workshops on “Strategies to Accelerate Electric Mobility”, “Public Transport Sector Integration”, and “Paratransit Capacity Building and Fleet Renewal programs in the LAC and Africa regions.” 

Membership facilitates ongoing knowledge exchange among cities. We foster collaboration and partnerships that can drive positive change primarily through our three regional communities of practices (CoP). By joining one of the MobiliseYourCity CoPs, practitioners from city and country members can learn from each other's experiences, successes, and challenges, fostering a collaborative environment that accelerates progress in sustainable urban mobility. These collaborative opportunities offer members opportunities to not only engage with other cities but also develop organisations and other knowledge partners that can work with them on projects, share resources, and address common challenges in the realm of urban mobility. Participants can also connect with experts, practitioners, and leaders in the field of sustainable urban mobility and expand their professional network. 

In June 2023, more than 15 Latin American cities and several representatives from African and French cities joined us in Bogota for our meeting of the Latin America CoP. In November 2023, more than 30 representatives from Asian cities joined the Regional Asia CoP meeting with Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and Asia Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Philippines. 

Joining the MobiliseYourCity Partnership provides access to a wealth of expertise in sustainable urban mobility. Members can tap into the knowledge and experience of a diverse network of cities and partner organisations, gaining valuable insights and best practices. Particularly through our Knowledge Platform, we serve as a platform for the transfer of innovative solutions and technologies related to sustainable urban mobility. Cities can learn about and adopt cutting-edge approaches that have proven successful in other member cities. 

Policy Influence, visibility and recognition 
Being part of a global partnership provides a platform for members to collectively advocate for policies that support sustainable urban mobility. The Partnership can act as a unified voice, influencing regional and international policies to better address the needs of participating cities.  

For example, in March 2023 in Washington DC, United States of America, we designed an event with our implementing partners AFD and KfW at Transforming Transformation to encourage national development banks to finance sustainable low-carbon mobility. There, we had a representative from Dakar share the concrete challenges of cities to access finance and examples of projects that were successfully implemented. When we advocate for additional financing streams, as in D.C., the message is far more compelling when we have the voices from our member cities and countries.  

Membership in MobiliseYourCity also brings visibility to the efforts and achievements of participating cities. This recognition can enhance a city's profile on the global stage, attracting attention from other stakeholders, potential partners, and investors. This happens not only through participating in international events but also by showcasing their efforts on our website and communicating updates in our newsletter, which is received by over 3600 people.  

For example, an article on how motorcycle taxis could be part of Africa's major urban transportation solution by Geofrey Ndhogezi, a bodaboda driver and researcher on social practices of motorcycle taxis and road safety, based in the city of Kampala, Uganda, has been read by nearly 2,000 people around the world. Your experiences and stories are important, and we want to help share them.  

MobiliseYourCity furthermore provides support in monitoring and communicating the impact of the projects in our member cities and countries. We do this through our Global Monitor, through project Factsheets, SUMP summaries and occasionally through videos. This helps cities track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and showcase the results of their efforts. 

Last but not least, MobiliseYourCity may facilitate access to funding opportunities for its members. Being part of the Partnership can open doors to financial resources that support sustainable urban mobility projects, helping cities implement their plans effectively. The Partnership shares with member cities and countries funding opportunities arising from specific programs or funds. We also organise information sessions about project preparation facilities and can offer guidance on how to answer these opportunities.