Mastering Mobility series | Innovative mass transit options

04 May 2023

04 May 2023 | 10:00 – 12:00 (CEST) – Registration link 


  1. Description: 

Regarding urban transport, terms such as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT), and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) are commonly used. Due to this popularity, a systematic understanding of these urban transport modes is essential. This training session takes participants back to the foundations of urban transport traditional modes to emphasise their differences in terms of definition, technical characteristics, benefits, and evolution. Accordingly, when talking about urban transport, like all other public service provisions, one size does not fit all: some modes are more relevant than others, depending on the specific needs. With this foundational understanding, this training session will answer the question of how to choose the most suitable urban transport modes for a city.  

Additionally, another focus of this training session is to broaden the audience's vision and direct their focus to innovations for urban transport in the future by using digital technologies. Participants are expected to find answers to questions such as the primary goal and challenge of innovative transportation and how innovation in urban transport can be promoted. Finally, the training session discusses innovative tools and solutions through practical examples, so attendants can easily relate to the reality of each city. 

This technical training session is part of the MobiliseYourCity Mastering Mobility Series on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, following the launch of Developing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans - Guidelines for MobiliseYourCity geographies


  1. Learning Objectives:

Gain a clear and unbiased picture of existing urban mass transit modes.  

Understand critical analyses needed to assess multiple urban mobility mass transit modes 

Get to know digital tools to optimise and enlarge service offers and their compatibility in each city 


  1. Speakers:  

Maria-Teresa Molina | Transport Planner | EGIS 

Nicolás Cruz González | Sustainable Mobility Expert | MobiliseYourCity Secretariat  


  1.  Agenda:  

the agenda of the session