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¿Movilidad para todos? Integración de la perspectiva de género en los SUMP y NUMP


MobiliseYourCity Partnership


For a successful shift to sustainable mobility, we need to take gender differences into account. Gender-responsive mobility planning strives for equal access to our communities, services and employment – the power to shape one's own life. 


Gender is one of the most significant determinants of mobility choices. The way people move in and experience a city is not gender-neutral, and yet, this issue has been traditionally overlooked in mobility planning. 

On the third Mastering Mobility Session for 2022, we discussed how to identify possible gender-oriented measures to be included in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans or National Urban Mobility Policies, why it is important to involve diverse target groups in the mobility planning cycle, and get to know practical examples from MobiliseYourCity's members Baixada Santista (Brazil) and Maputo (Mozambique).

Find the recording of the session here:

00:00 Welcome & Housekeeping by Nicolas Cruz (MobiliseYourCity)

07:03 Introduction to gender: what is it and why does it matter? by Julia Remmers (GIZ)

16:55 Integrating Gender into the SUMP Cycle by Julia Remmers (GIZ)

40:34 Case Study 1 – Baixada Santista, Brazil by Marina Moscoso (Despacio)

1:02:53 Case Study 2 – Maputo, Mozambique by Loide Massangaie (Maputo Municipality)


Find the slides of the session below:


Gender perspectives into SUMPs and NUMPs
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