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Implantación de buses de cero emisiones

Walker Oliver

Project Manager, Sustainable Transport


The CFF has compiled a webpage which includes all of the webinars, technical assistance, workshops, reports, guides and tools that have been developed by the CFF (and some key work from partners) that share the essential knowledge to support cities, transport authorities and experts to accelerate ZEB deployment in cities.

Zero emission buses are an attractive option for cities: they deliver improved air quality, contribute less to the climate crisis, are quieter and their lifetime total cost of ownership can be cheaper than polluting alternatives. Living in a city with dirty air also heightens the health threat from COVID-19, as well as other diseases and future predicted coronaviruses. With diesel buses among the biggest sources of air pollution in cities, the Covid-19 pandemic underlines the urgency of the transition zero-emission technologies. 

Building on the experiences that the CFF has learnt through the provision of our technical and financial support to cities in Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia and India, the CFF has developed a series of reports, guides and case studies to help cities and practitioners to build up their knowledge base and technical capacities to accelerate deployment of ZEBs around the world. 

You can all of the resources at -

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