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Transport artisanal en Asie : des solutions évolutives pour réformer, moderniser et intégrer

Musil Clément

Programme Manager - MobiliseYourCity Asia


A regional contribution on paratransit

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership recognises paratransit services as an important feature of mobility systems in developing and emerging cities, complementary to the official public transport services. MobiliseYourCity supports paratransit transformation towards a better structured service making use of digital technologies and low-carbon solutions to limit the sector’s negative externalities and to ensure the integration of the paratransit service in urban mobility system.

In 2021, with the support of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the MobiliseYourCity Asia Project Management Unit has elaborated a dedicated paper on paratransit in the Asia region. The overall objective of this paper is to document paratransit in Asia, its current dynamics and to provide guidelines to support its modernisation and integration.

In a few words, the paper entitled “Paratransit in Asia: Scalable Solutions to Reform, Modernise and Integrate” is proposing a comprehensive diagnosis highlighting Asian singularities and introducing guidance to transform paratransit at different levels (i.e. the national, local and project levels). These recommendations are complementary and derived from the existing MobiliseYourCity Paratransit Toolkit.

The paper is designed to provide useful insights for different types of audiences:

  • General public: by referring to knowledge and references at the regional level;
  • Decision-makers, consultants and practitioners: by providing with boxes and summaries to quickly draw attention to what can be done and learned from the experiences implemented in Asia.

Download the “Paratransit in Asia: Scalable Solutions to Reform, Modernise and Integrate” (English)

20220504_Paratransit Asia Paper Cover_VdefSmall
20220504_Paratransit Asia Paper Cover_VdefSmall

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