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Préparation d'un plan d'amélioration de la mobilité le long du corridor nord-sud de la gare de Kochi (Inde)

Musil Clément

Programme Manager - MobiliseYourCity Asia


A first step toward the development of a "Green Mobility Corridor" in Kochi.

Financed by AFD, this study presents the “Mobility Improvement Plan” of a corridor of 2.5 km between the main railway stations of Kochi (Kerala State), namely Ernakulam North (aka. Ernakulam Town) and Ernakulam South (aka. Ernakulam Junction). This study is a first step to design this plan. The “Mobility Improvement Plan” will combine multimodal mobility actions with urban and landscape improvement. As whished by the Kochi Municipal Corporation, the corridor would be developed according to the objectives of sustainable development, in the form of a “Green Mobility corridor”.

Kochi Green Corridor_Final Report Presentation_Pict
Kochi Green Corridor_Final Report Presentation_Pict

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