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Medan Metropolitan Area (Mebidangro) SUMP - MobiliseDays Report


Ferdinand Julien

Communications Manager


This report gathers takeaways and early analyses of the preparation of the Mebidangro’s SUMP collected during the MobiliseDays - event which took place in October 22 and 23, 2020. 

The initiation of a SUMP, which is also called ‘Inception Phase’ aims at formally launching the SUMP process and at triggering a technical commitment through the co-design of a roadmap for mobility planning with local partners.

In Mebidangro, an Indonesian metropolitan which gathers which Medan City, Binjai City, Deli Serdang Regency and a part of Karo Regency, many mobility activities are carried out by different stakeholders (institutional, local transport operators, local civil society, etc.). It is therefore important to create a common understanding of the situation and to ensure consistency between initiatives, in order to create this shared roadmap. It is to be noted that the SUMP process and elaboration is in Mebidangro is led by the North Sumatra province government, with the financial and technical support of AFD, and assisted by Egis as a consultant.

The MobiliseDays event is a integral part of the SUMP preparation. It allows the consultation of stakeholders and gives them the opportunity to express concerns on mobility issues in the urban region.The MobiliseDays for the Mebidangro SUMP happened along with the high-level kick-off of the project, with the participation of the central government supporting the provincial initiative. The cities and regencies of Mebidangro also actively participated, in a comprehensive manner.

This report is gathering the early analysis of the preparation of the Mebidangro’s SUMP, and it provides the key elements of the mobility context, success factors, consultation, and suggestions for the SUMP preparation.

07-Workshop (2nd days) Pak Agustinus Panjaitan Dishub SUMUT facilitator 2 - copie_0
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